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    Quotient ADHD Test Procedure
Quotient ADHD Test Procedure

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The Quotient® ADHD System has a Motion Tracking System, proprietary software and connection to the Quotient database through a secure web portal. The Motion Tracking System measures head movements while the patient attempts to focus on changing stars on the computer screen. The test itself takes 15 or 20 minutes, depending on age. Setup prior to testing, data upload and report download take 10-15 minutes. The clinician integrates Quotient data with clinical exam, rating scales and other data to create a treatment plan.

The test administrator enters demographic data, explains the test and executes at least 1 practice test. The raw data is submitted electronically to the Quotient server. The report is available for download from any computer with internet connection and ready to integrate with clinical information, rating scales and other data. Within about 45 minutes, the clinician can present a treatment plan to the patient/parent.

This web page explains interpretation of results for motion, attention and shifts in attention state.

The Quotient ADHD Reports summarize motion, attention and shifts in attention state. This section shows results at the baseline assessment and follow-up assessments.