Quotient ADHD System

The Quotient® ADHD System collects and reports objective, accurate data on hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. The clinician integrates the Quotient ADHD Test report with information from other assessment tools and the clinical evaluation to guide treatment decisions. ADHD historically has been challenging to diagnose because many of the assessment tools rely largely on subjective information from parents and teachers, in addition to clinical evaluation.The Quotient ADHD System accurately measures motion and analyzes shifts in attention state and reports quantitative data related to the core symptom domains of ADHD:

    • Hyperactivity (the inability to control movement and sit still while working)
    • Impulsivity (the inability to inhibit inappropriate responses)
    • Inattention (the difficulty in staying focused and on task)
Quotient ADHD System

Quotient ADHD System

1. Motion Tracking System

The Motion Tracking System captures each movement 50 times per second and plots the pattern of movement of the reflector(s).

2. Reflectors

A small reflector is placed on the forehead.

3. LCD Screen

The patient responds to different geometric shapes that flash randomly on the LCD screen.

4. Keyboard

Patient responds to visual stimuli by pressing the space bar.

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